Build a TypeScript Project From Scratch Tutorial (19 exercises)

Set Up IDE

In this lesson, you will learn how to make sure your IDE is set up for TypeScript development meaning it has autocomplete, error reporting, etc. We will use VS Code as an example.


Here are some resources for setting up other IDEs for TypeScript development:


[0:00] [0: 00] I'll be using VS Code as my IDE for this tutorial. Since it already has TypeScript built-in, I don't need to do anything. Once you have yours setup, go ahead and create a new file called hello.ts and add the following code.
[0:13] [0: 13] If your IDE has been set up for TypeScript development, you should see a red squiggly or some indicator that lets you know hey, there's something wrong because this function expects one argument.

[0:23] [0: 23] If that's working, then you're good to go, and you're ready to start this tutorial.