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Confidently Ship Full-Stack TypeScript Applications Like a Pro

Joe Previte

Taught by Joe Previte

"I hate TypeScript" you mumble in sadness.

You pull something off npm that works fine in your loosey-goosey JavaScript code. But when you convert it to TypeScript, you go on this ridiculous type hunt.

You write an interface for some object. Okay. Good. That works. But now the event handler is broken. Okay. You realize that's because you need to declare the type when using useState. Okay fine.

Now you import a phone number formatter from npm and try to shoehorn it into a custom component.

"The easiest thing in the world in old-plain JavaScript!" you say.

But oh no, when you specify a different input component for rendering on the page... you get some TypeScript garbage error:

Type '{ INPUT: { target: string; actions: AssignAction<unknown, EventObject>; }; RESIZE: ({ cond: (ctx: { manualOrientation?: boolean | undefined; }) => boolean; target: string; } | { ...; } | { ...; })[]; }' is not assignable to type 'TransitionsConfig'

You fix one error and then hit another.

So you go back to beating your head against the wall and trying to figure out where in a crapload of nested React components there's something that isn't typed right.

The sad part is that you are not even close to writing any functionality. You’re just migrating a component.

You don’t know how to use TypeScript effectively. Yet.

If you’re writing new TypeScript code that requires a lot of advanced and complex types, you’re doing it wrong.

Most of that code belongs in DefinitelyTyped to make existing nightmare libraries work.

And the only thing sadder than bad JavaScript is worse TypeScript.

The good news?

You don't need to know how to do complex-mind-expanding things with TypeScript.

You are NOT a compiler engineer

You're a doer.

You write features and ship code that solves real problems, and TypeScript is merely the tool of choice, and you deserve to get the most out of it without fighting at every step.

So why isn't anyone helping you do that?

Everyone wants to teach you how to “master” TypeScript.

But no one's teaching you how to build full-stack production-grade applications that help you move your career forward.

Solving another batch of type challenges won’t create an inflection point in your career.

You deserve a effective approach for shipping real production applications

In this code-along interactive workshop experience, you will learn principles. Derive techniques. But most importantly, you will ship real production TypeScript code that helps you climb the engineering ladder.

It will be designed and produced as a series of real-world exercise-focused workshops.Every example throughout will draw from open-source projects and real-life production code.

Sure, you hear about system design for FAANG prep and whatnot, but no one's going from Excalidraw diagrams to production.

From zero to hero.

We're going to change that.

You will design production-grade systems that scale.

Now, that would be a force multiplier for your career.

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