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Your Quick-Start Guide to Confidently Shipping TypeScript Production Code Faster and Safer

Joe Previte
Joe Previte

TypeScript is required.

Look around. It’s a fact of life.

TypeScript is here to stay because it’s better than loosey-goosey JavaScript. TypeScript provides you with a layer of comfort and security that you’ll never be able to achieve if you’re building applications with plain ol’ JS.

But that security comes at a cost.

To use TypeScript effectively, you’ve got to understand the underlying core of JavaScript, for sure.

But to get the most out of TypeScript, you won’t be able to stop there and call it a day.

You’ll need to understand:

  • How to configure TypeScript
  • How to incrementally fix TypeScript errors
  • How to convert JavaScript code to TypeScript
  • How to write unit test with TypeScript
  • How to navigate a large production TypeScript codebase

and not to mention fundamental TypeScript concepts:

  • Interfaces
  • Type Aliases
  • Recursive Types
  • Parameter Type Annotations
  • Return Type Annotations
  • Type Guard
  • Union Types
  • Type Predicates
  • Type Aliases & Extends

To say it’s daunting is an understatement!

It’s a ton of knowledge and skills that you need to stack to climb the hill of TypeScript.

The good news?

TypeScript is totally worth it!

So what’s your plan to get through the grueling early stages of learning TypeScript so you can start integrating it into your production projects?

The official docs are great… if you enjoy a long disconnected tour of language features.

Youtube channels are great… if you enjoy watching long, unedited videos at 2× speed.

Articles are great… if you enjoy begging for answers on StackOverflow when you hit dead ends.

Books… well.. a dry book won’t help you practice and test your understanding.

There HAS to be a better way to learn TypeScript.

Wouldn’t it be nice to take a shortcut and start harvesting the benefits of using TypeScript with your team as soon as possible?

A single resource that taught you and your team:

  • How to leverage the powers of TypeScript as well as how to write better code? Better meaning: more type-safe, well-tested, and documented.
  • How to develop better intuition about APIs, documentation, maintenance, and refactoring code with TypeScript.
  • How to feel more confident refactoring code
  • And, most importantly, how to feel confident knowing you're catching potential errors in development vs. production.

Pause for a second.


How much easier it would be for you to have the confidence to migrate a legacy JavaScript codebase to TypeScript, build a cuddling-edge TypeScript projects from zero, or to navigate a production grade-TypeScript codebase with poise.

Picture yourself weeks from now, staring at a TypeScript codebase, and whispering I know wtf I am doing.

That’s exactly what TypeScript Course is designed to do!

There IS a better way to learn TypeScript.

TypeScript Course is a three-part course designed to get you and your team up to speed quickly and effectively with TypeScript.

The course will start from the very beginning of the TypeScript journey, and quickly guide you through the patterns and mental models that you need to be effective with TypeScript.

Here's what you'll receive

  • 3 standalone modules designed to be completed within hours… so you can make progress fast.
  • Each module contains carefully crafted lessons that are just the right length and complexity for learning and retention.
  • Each lesson contains learning challenges & exercises that will help you solidify concepts and reflect on your learning.
Migrate an Open Source JS Project to TypeScript

Migrate an Open Source JS Project to TypeScript

Dive head-first into the TypeScript code by migrating dotpather, an open-source project. The goal is to empower you to lead TypeScript migration efforts across your team.

Build a TypeScript Project From Scratch

Build a TypeScript Project From Scratch

Build a streak counter from scratch (without templates or special bundlers). The goal is to provide you with practical experience by building TypeScript projects from zero all the way to sharing that code with the world.

Learn How to Navigate a TypeScript Codebase Effectively

Learn How to Navigate a TypeScript Codebase Effectively

Learn how to navigate TypeScript codebases using an open source project. The goal is to teach you the formula for navigating new codebases and advance your TypeScript skills along the way.

This is a learning environment that optimizes for practical, real-world experience.

Most resources don't do enough to help you start using TypeScript practically.

They assume that you're starting with greenfield projects or have some prior knowledge. But most noticeably: They don't utilize open-source to show you how people use TypeScript in the real world.

Open source is a learning pattern that you will leverage through this course. And to optimize for proficiency you will explore concepts and then solidify the ideas with TDD. Tests verify that the code you write is correct and document the feature you have learned.

As you progress through this course, you will write small tests so that you can then take your existing software design skills and ship some great systems.

This course doesn’t stop there.

One of the most critical pieces of learning anything new is reflecting on what you learned. It solidifies things and allows you to piece things together in your way.

That’s why this course will provide you with carefully crafted learning challenges through each lesson.

This course is for you…

  • If you have existing knowledge of JavaScript but need a battle-tested formula for becoming proficient with TypeScript.
  • You don't have to know the internals of how JS' Event Loop works, but you do have to have the basics of JavaScript mastered.
  • But most importantly… This course is for you if you have the willingness to do the work actively — this isn't a passive course, and you won't be successful if you don't make an effort. It's intentionally challenging.
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