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Build a TypeScript Project From Scratch

Build a TypeScript Project From Scratch

Learning TypeScript from scratch is a fantastic way to level-up your skills.

This is the end-to-end experience of taking from a blank editor to battle-tested production code. A hands-on tutorial where we build a library from scratch, share it with the world, and consume it in a production application. The full spectrum.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn about the following:

  • Starting a new project without a boilerplate
  • Writing tests and production-ready code
  • Publishing a library to the npm registry
  • Consuming your package in a React application

These new skills will lay the foundation for you to get a promotion or new job because now you’ll be able to:

  • distribute code via npm
  • lead a greenfield TypeScript project
  • publish a design system component library


  • set up an IDE for TypeScript development
  • utilize README-driven-development
  • design a public API
  • understand how to write project requirements
  • learn to set up testing infrastructure
  • practice test-driven-development
  • publish code as an npm package
  • use package in production application